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Pointe Perfect in Greenock

Pointe Perfect

Its every girls dream to be Pointe Perfect but without proper training it can cause serious injury and long term damage. At Elite Academy of Dance our dancers welfare and health are top priority. All our students are trained by fully qualified Royal Academy of Dance teachers. Elite Academy students follow the RAD syllabus and exams in our Greenock studio. Therefore from an early age they are building strength and the correct technique to eventually go on pointe.

Pointe Perfect Greenock

Perfect Pointe at Elite Academy of Dance

Pointe Perfect at what age

Parents and students often ask at what age their child will be able to be Pointe Perfect . There is no right or wrong age. No two people are the same, bodies mature at different rates, and some may just not have developed the strength and technique required. Some students at Elite Academy of Dance may go on Pointe at 13 years old, others may be later. Its difficult for a student who sees somebody possibly be pointe perfect who is younger or in the same group class as them. However some of our best Pointe dancers did not go on Pointe until they were 15. It by no way means someone is a better dancer just because they able to go on pointe.

Pointe Perfect

Perfect Pointe Ballet by Elite Academy of Dance

Pointe Perfect Training

The Pointe Perfect training starts at an early age at Elite Academy of Dance, although many students and parents often do not realise this. We are the only school in Inverclyde that offers Royal Academy Classical Ballet (RAD) training. The RAD is nearly 100 years old. It has perfected its training and grades to slowly build on the correct technique to allow students go on Pointe. So when you see your young Ballerina doing pointing and stretching exercise and wonder what they are doing. They are actually building strength and conditioning that will enable then to build on year after year to be eventually perfect on pointe.

More about Pointe Perfect

To find our more about Ballet and Elite Academy of Dance and how you can achieve the skills to be perfect on pointe.

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