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Elites Magic Ballet Shoe

Elites Magic Ballet Shoe

Elites Magic Ballet Shoe Lock Down 2020

Around a third of Elite Academy of Dance Students took part in Elites Magic Ballet Shoe challenge. It was a simple way for the school and students to connect with one another during the Covid 19 lock down. The school temporally closed its doors on Monday the 17th of March due to the crisis. Weekly live stream classes have allowed students to continue to enjoy their ballet, but due to the nature of Ballet it does not replace studio time.

To create a sense of belonging and togetherness the challenge was set. It was simple, to catch a ballet shoe, put it on, create a pose, take the shoe off and pass it on.


Elites Magic Ballet Shoe Journey

Elites Magic Ballet Shoe, started and ended its journey at its studio in Watt Street, Greenock, with a final message – like the shoe we will come back again. The shoe traveled all over Inverclyde, Ayrshire, Paisley and Glasgow. Students from Elites associate school Alba Ballet also took part. It also landed at Estonia National Ballet with our Alba Ballet Cinderella Lead Male Josef Jagger; then at English National Ballet with our  Alba Ballet Coppelia Lead Male James Garrington. Also landing landing with our good friend and regular visitor – the truly amazing Principal of Scottish Ballet Bethany Kingsley Garner.  The journey was first shown on Elites Facebook page on the 25th of May 2020 and has been watched for around 40 hours so far.

The  future for Elites Magic Ballet Shoe

The initial shoe, will kept on display at the studio, as a reminder of the Covid 19 lock down. Elites little bit of history that everyone helped create.  Plans are currently underway to re open the school later this year. Complete with all the new social distancing regulations being put in place. Like the ballet shoe all the students and staff will come back again very soon. Further information about Elite and Ballet in Greenock can be found here.



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